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Of course, it´s important to work with visions, value-based leadership, team training, change processes, efficiency, motivation and communication. In addition to that – there is finally a lot of talk about colors now, Green, Blue, Gray, Red, Yellow…

Andy has been passionately lifting the importance of our basic characters in the form of colors and actions for more than 20 years, but before we even go into these processes, we should start by looking into the factors that prevents us from reaching our set goals and visions .

Too often, it is referred to the “human factor”. What are the mechanisms that make us suboptimize our achievements as an individual or as an organization? What are the reactions that afterwards make us wonder, “Why did I do … or why didn’t I do” – Not least, how do we most easily stop this natural process when we most need it?

Today, few dare to talk about, and develop ourselves in the most important question – What is T.C.S and how does it affect us in sports, our daily work and in life? In the modern society, T.C.S is clearly seen as a weakness.

According to the Swedish Social insurance Agency approx. 46% of all “sick leave” at this point are related to mental ill-healt! How are we affected by the “daily stress” and what negative consequences does it bring to our life  quality? How can we, as modern enlightened people, restore a healthy balance in our lives?

Does the answer depends on who we ask, the employee or management? Of course, the truth lies within each one of us! It is usually easier to find negative sides and possible obstacles in our counterparty than to see the possibilities and define all successful results? Andy calls it – T.C.S, The Changed State – A Powerful Law of Nature. To gain insight into the processes and with this the ability to regain control over our well-being is a strength, a quality of life.

Whether it’s in BoostCampBusiness-coaching or in workshop format, the ambition is to create a curiosity in wanting to see and understand opportunities based on the “natural laws” that has existed for over 300,000 years. To gain insight into how our thoughts create a direct response in our body as well as our basic features, gives us a clear explanation of our actions and health in pressured situations, and above all – change it!

BoostCampBusiness – Coaching

With BoostCampBusiness-coaching we give an unique and customized concept based on your needs, role and goals.

With the BoostCamp tools combined with professional coaching, we will form your personal “tool box” linked to reality and built on your given conditions in terms of your bodily reactions, thoughts and your basic characters. With this we create a permanent curiosity in giving you a clear opportunity to develop yourself in your role in working life in a curious way.

BoostCampBusiness – Workshop & lecture

Let a full or half-day workshop be the first puzzle piece to get an initial insight into the behaviour of the company, the division or organization under pressure and how our thought and character affects the body and, with this, the daily work performance. We work with a holistic mindset based on the interaction in the organization, the leadership, the group and most important – the individual.

Our workshops create a higher understanding of each other’s reactions and behavior in different situations and how this may affect our ability to carry out the tasks set by the organization. What can we do to understand the source of the body’s reactions under stress [T.C.S]. Which mechanisms are behind a successful mental state in achieving optimal work performance without experiencing the most common side effects.

The ambition is to create an interest, in a committed and humorous way, of seriously developing a knowledge of how we as individuals in the company, or organization as a whole, best can manage our conditions in our daily work. In our workshops / lectures, all participants are given the opportunity to both, as “spectators”, reflect in peace and quiet while volunteers can participate in exemplary exercises.

An exciting journey in the world of mental power, with easy-going theory, some practical exercises and some surprising “aha experiences” where we work with how newly acquired insights and concrete tools increase all chances of achieving success – and – at the same time feel Good!

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