BoostCamp – Sport – Elite & Pro

“It works perfectly on the practice – but when it gets real, I just seem to shut down …”

Understand the source of T.C.S, body responses and get the tools for how to best to reach a positive mental state to achieve optimal performance!

To ride a flawless round in the Olympics, make the “save of the game” in game seven or drive a tenth of a second faster in front of a fanatic audience, regardless of the form of sport, makes even the most practiced performance a bit more challenging.

Reflecting about “The Changed State” in the old fashion outdated way is a megatronically charged journey for all clients.

Andy’s philosophy is based on own experiences and he states, -“There is nothing neat, sexy, nothing arranged, staged or unclear with T.C.S. It’s simply nasty & terrible. There are few, if any, feelings that are as primitive, strong and frightening as TCS – yet unspoken of from the right perspective, Instead, always referred to as a weakness.”

We work with a number of concrete methods to understand the source of one’s T.C.S (commonly referred to as nervousness, anxiety, fear, panic) or “The Changed State” as Andy chooses to call it. How does our body´s natural reactions function in T.C.S and why do we often get the feeling that the body counteracts us “when it´s the real deal”.

We create insights in how you as an athlete best achieve an effective mental state and through that, more often reach your optimal performance level instead of ending up with the statement -“Well – it’s just one of those good days, when everything falls into place”. Together we create a solid platform to control the process of achieving your best possible performance – when you need it the most.

The 3 different BoostCampSport -Elite -Pro modules give you a unique and customized concept tailored to your needs, level and goals. With the right BoostCampSport module in combination with professional coaching, we create your personal “toolbox” as well as an ongoing curiosity to constantly challenge your self. As a competitor, regardless of sports and age, you will optimally manage your sporting conditions in your pursuit of your deferred goals and preferably – way beyond them.

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